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POPULAR ITEM: Houseplants

Cultivate your at home sanctuary.

    • Spider Plant
    • Coleus
    • Peace Lily

    $3 for a starter plant in nursery pot. Up to $30 for a mature plant in ceramic pottery.

    To receive pictures of current available plants, please include:

    1) Number of plants you would like.
    2) Approximate size and type of plant you are interested in.
    3) Any budget you may have.

    I will be in touch when I receive your order to confirm the details. Please check your email and respond promptly. Your order will be skipped until I hear back.

    Payment is accepted via e-transfer to or Paypal.
    (This is in an effort to not circulate money at this time.)


    Website Consulting

    In-depth review of website:

    • organization & layout
    • call to action placement
    • written & visual content
    • overall impression

    Professional Presentation

    • LinkedIn profile optimization
    • Resume (CV) & cover letter writing & polishing


      Custom Macrame

      • Driftwood wall pieces


      Handmade with repurposed cotton fabrics


      • Tote bags
      • Meditation skirts
      • Meditation pants
      • Custom projects or repairs

      Handmade Greeting Cards

      • Beautiful, hand-painted watercolour & ink artwork
      • For birthdays, holidays, or any occasion

      Potted Plants

      • Macrame plant hangers available

      HOME & STAYS

      Airbnb Superhost Listings

      Airbnb Superhost Consulting

      • How to set up your spaces
      • How to maintain a 5-star rating
      • Answering any questions you may have
      • Free 15 min consultation

      Not sure where to start?

      To discuss what you might want to work on with me, let’s get in touch.

      Katrina is an amazing, talented person, ready to contribute to her community.


      The work and play she does will impact and make a difference, not just to the direct, immediate people she works with, but also to make shifts for change on a larger scale with the other people her work will touch in the future.

      Melinda Butterfield

      In addition to my main services, I have a diverse range of offerings, from logo design to resume editing, from interior design to qigong classes. I have done handmade creative projects, consulting on a variety of topics, and collaborative projects.

      I also take up client requests, especially in areas of work where my unique skillsets intersect.

      I look forward to working with you!


      Rainbow Intuitive Services


      Individualized Tutoring Journeys


      Organic Learning & Mindful Stimulation for Families