Individualized Tutoring with Experienced Language Expert

“To have another language is to possess another soul.”

– Charlemagne

$60 / Hour Online Tutoring

You choose how long.

30-min or 45-min sessions are great for learners who prefer several shorter classes per week, or those who tire easily when learning new material.

If you take a while to sink into the rhythm of the language and the material, or can’t meet as often, 60-minute sessions might be ideal. 

Tailored to Your Needs

With a thorough intake form, I find out exactly where the student’s strengths are and what areas they need support with. I get insight into their unique learning styles and gather or create materials specifically for where they are at.

I use a variety of online learning platforms and resources, mixing text, visuals, speaking opportunities, and games, to ensure a well-rounded education.

I check in regularly with my students to see what parts of the class they are really enjoying or struggling with. I always strive to improve their learning experience even more. 

Introduction Video

I transport you down rabbit holes of cultural quirks, mystical tales, memorable conversations, and teachable moments.

As we go, I help you develop a natural accent and speech style that works for you, so you can find your unique voice and expression in this new language.

Distance Writing Support

Writing expert for English, French, or Spanish.

  • Are you self-studying French, but need someone to go over your written exercises?
  • Need help revising work emails when English is not your first language?
  • Want someone to go through your Spanish assignment to see how you can improve the wording and flow?
  • Just want a language pen pal to prepare for your next trip?

Simply send me your work, I’ll add the feedback, and you can review it whenever you like.


A: Basic Revision (CA$15 / 250 words)

  • Edits made using the “suggest changes” mode on Google Docs.
  • Suggestions to improve the wording, grammar, and tone of the writing.
  • Quick turnaround: typically less than 24 hours. May be longer during high-volume periods. Please inquire.

B: In-Depth Revision (CA$20 / 250 words)

  • Edits made using the “suggest changes” mode on Google Docs.
  • Suggestions to improve the wording, grammar, and tone of the writing.
  • Quick turnaround of less than 24 hours (may be 48 hours during high-volume periods. Please inquire.)
  • Detailed comments providing explanations on grammar rules for common mistakes.
  • Teachable moments, sending you links to helpful resources for common errors.
  • Understand your mistakes to improve your writing and progress. 



As a French person living in Calgary, Katrina has helped me improve my English skills, especially my pronunciation.

The lessons are far from boring! She adapts to my needs and my preferences, which wouldn’t be the case in a school.

She is also a wonderful person who is patient, understanding, and always smiling. She helped me build up a lot of confidence in my English.

I look forward to each of our lessons. She was the teacher I was looking for.

Candice Charavin



Katrina is a bright, caring, and engaging teacher whose thoughtful approach to language learning makes all the difference.

She puts in the work behind the scenes to make sure she comes to your session with a learning plan tailored to your specific needs and goals. Plus she knows how to motivate her students and make every session fun! 

I would recommend Katrina to anyone who wishes to learn a new language or build on past skills. Gracias Katrina!



I’ve taken Mandarin classes with Katrina (beginner level) for nearly half a year and had such an amazing time learning from her.

Not only was she super motivated to teach me new things (including tricks to remember all the details), but also I had so much fun going through all the languages we have in common.

At the end of the day, if I wasn’t able to understand the meaning of a word, we would find a way to get it explained in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese…

I totally recommend Katrina if you want to take your language skills to the next level! Thank you very much, Katrina! 谢谢

Thiago Valentin de Oliveira



Katrina is a gifted teacher who makes learning fun and tailors content to my interests and ability.

She is always positive and encouraging. She genuinely cares about my process and celebrates my accomplishments with me.




Katrina really helped me improve my level of Portuguese. The fact the she speaks many different languages was helpful as we could make links with other languages I know and help me understand concepts better.

Stéphanie Tsang

French Canadian


My 9-year-old and I took English and Chinese lessons with Katrina and we call her ‘the amazing teacher’. She is full of good ideas, very friendly and my son loves her!

I strongly recommend her to anybody who wants to learn in the best way.

She also gave us some tips that helped us handwrite faster and more clearly…. AMAZING!!

Josée and Max

French Canadian

My World Travels

An avid traveler, I have been to 24 countries and speak 5 languages. I enjoy discovering more about myself through immersing myself in each interesting culture. In addition to traveling, I have lived in Quebec, Beijing, Taiwan.

I now love teaching the nuances and intricacies of these languages & cultures to my students, and occasionally do interpretation, written translation, and editing.

(Click on my world map below to see the places I have been.)


Why “Grasshopper”?

The Spanish word for grasshopper is actually “saltamontes,” which literally means “mountain jumper”. This truly represents my style of teaching: boundless exploration, curiosity, and “traveling” via the language itself.

Learning a language allows you to surpass borders, communication barriers and cultural differences, so you can have a deeper connection to others and a stronger awareness of the world we live in. 

Since the movie Karate Kid, “young grasshopper” has also come represent an eager student, ready to dive in. It’s this very passion for learning that brings the student and I together as we embark on each language journey together.

More Grasshopper Language Learning Details