Oracle Card Readings, Intuitive Journeying & Energy Work

“You are greater than you can possibly imagine, if you would only free yourself up to imagine.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Online Sessions

Oracle Card Reading

$25 (30 min)

Seeking insight?

Each reading is intended to support your spiritual and personal growth, by drawing your focus to the corners of yourself that desire attention, love, or reflection. 

This service differs from traditional tarot card reading in the sense that it is not definitive or predictive, but rather insightful and open in nature.

Rainbow Intuitive Session

$50 (1 hour)

Ready for deep shifts in your world?

I draw from a variety of supportive tools and practices, to release, empower, clarify, or manifest the things that arise.

Sessions can include a combination of discussion, guidance, listening, energy work, guided journeying, oracle cards, sound healing, excerpts from books, or suggested readings and exercises. I will always check to see what you are comfortable incorporating before proceeding.

Together, let’s shift the situations you are experiencing and the energies you are attracting. 

What are Oracle Cards?

Pictured above: my personal collection of 20 oracle card decks, with a variety of bright & gentle energies.

The authors of these decks, including Kyle Grey and Alana Fairchild, pull universal wisdom from a wide range of world religions and spiritualities. The messages are crafted to provide valuable insight to anyone, regardless of their own spiritual or religious beliefs.

Unlike the more well-known tarot cards often used as a fortune-telling tool, oracle cards offer insight and messages meant to feel into present energies and inspire you to make helpful adjustments.

Some cards contain brief, inspirational messages, while other decks open into a more of a comprehensive experience, including layered, detailed messages, guided visualization exercises, or affirmations.

They are all meant to support your spiritual and personal growth, and draw you into the corners of yourself that need attention, love, or reflection.


Certified Level 1 Reiki Practitioner (March 2020)

Certified “The Journey Method” Guided Healing Practitioner (February 2017)

Completed Level Five Intensive Qigong Teachers Training (New Zealand, November 2017)


So grateful for Katrina’s services. I always feel so loved, supported and empowered in our sessions – she has a way of doing so. She has a way of helping you see the world through eyes of wisdom and appreciation, transforming any fear or lack.

So grateful to receive support and guidance from a loving, genuine, intuitive, and lighthearted spirit. You are a gift to our world. Looking forward to more sessions. You are magic!!!!

Caitlin Leigh

Katrina provided accurate insight and intuitive guidance with sensitivity and warmth. It was great to work with her again.

Carolyn Gaddy

Katrina is a beautiful soul. She gave me a *lot* to think about. Turns out, I was ready to listen.

But she also listened really deeply. I felt heard and understood. The space she held for me felt real, and her compassion is authentic.

She’s a joyful presence and a light in the world, and I’m glad to have met her.

Nikki Flow


Inspiring thoughts to bring you back to your joy

Just send me a message!

I will email you back with a light, 1-2 card reading, including the images of the card(s) and the corresponding messages, as well as any added insight I have for you!

Self Check-In


  • How did I get “here”?
  • Was it something I thought I should do? (friends, family, culture)
  • Was it something I chose consciously?
  • Is it something I would still choose for myself?


  • Is there something I could change to enjoy my [career / relationship / home / life] even more?
  • What am I not understanding about my current experience?


  • What could the next stage of my experience look like in each area of my life? 

“Dream” Vision Board by Katrina Krogstad

“It’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself.”

 Roald Dahl (from Danny, the Champion of the World)