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Inspiring thoughts to bring you back to your joy

Just send me a message!

I will email you back with a light, 1-2 card reading, including the images of the card(s) and the corresponding messages, as well as any added insight I have for you!

Online Sessions

Oracle Card Reading

$30 (30 min)

Seeking insight?

I interpret the messages & creative imagery presented in the reading for deeper clarity in your life. Personal collection of 20 oracle card decks with bright & gentle energies.

*This is not fortune-telling or tarot cards

Rainbow Intuitive Session

$50 (1 hour)

Ready for real shifts in your world?

Explore your empowerment, understand the experiences you are attracting, and change how you flow through each of life’s moments. 

Golden Light Reiki Session

$50 (1 hour)

To regain balance and wellbeing

Receive pure, universal energy to replenish and restore your physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Level 1 Certified Reiki Practitioner

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

How can I have harmony in my life?

You are trying to find our home, but everything seems to be challenging you and pulling you off of your path. 

With playful wonder, you can learn from each curious thing you encounter. You will begin to notice the little messages, insight, and beauty hidden within each experience, and start to shift your reality into something truly beautiful. 

I will help you become the alchemist you seek, transforming your world into glittering gold!


So grateful for Katrina’s services. I always feel so loved, supported and empowered in our sessions – she has a way of doing so. She has a way of helping you see the world through eyes of wisdom and appreciation, transforming any fear or lack.


So grateful to receive support and guidance from a loving, genuine, intuitive, and lighthearted spirit. You are a gift to our world. Looking forward to more sessions. You are magic!!!!

Caitlin Leigh

Katrina is bright, smart, and caring and will help you decipher what is going on in your life. She has some of the strongest intuitive abilities that I have been lucky enough to come in contact with.


I cannot recommend Katrina enough!

Amanda Park

We spoke for about an hour about my career change. I can tell you she is truly gifted with insight, and was able to inspire me to achieve my career goals.
I highly recommend Katrina and the services she offers.

Bryan James

“You are greater than you can possibly imagine, if you would only free yourself up to imagine.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Self Check-In

Take a Minute. Think about your career, relationships, housing, routines, and your life as a whole. 

In this exercise, really dream, wonder, & play with the possibilities for yourself!

Grab a pen and paper or simply ask yourself…


  • How did I get “here”?
  • Was I on autopilot?
  • Was it something I thought I should do? (friends, family, culture)
  • Was it something I chose consciously? Is it something I would still choose for myself?


  • Do I love this place? 
  • Is there something I could change to enjoy my [career / relationship / home / life] even more?


  • Where do I go from here?
  • What could the next level of my experience look like in each area of my life? 

“Dream” Vision Board by Katrina Krogstad

Let's Start a Conversation

What did you discover through the above exercise? Is there an idea that sparked as you were reflecting on the above questions?

I’d love to hear what you have to share…

Sparkle in the Whole Spectrum of your Being!


  • Creative play for joyful living (singing, arts, crafting, cooking)
  • Self empowerment
  • Define or re-define your identity (personal, cultural, gender / sexual identity)
  • Detox your life & identify supportive self care practices
  • Declutter your home & heart


  • Develop your intuition 
  • Learn supportive spiritual practices 
  • Get clarity in your dream state 
  • Oracle card interpretation 
  • Guided meditations or qigong practice 
  • Guided journeying for emotional release and resolution (Certified with The Journey Method by Brandon Bays) 


  • Move into your purpose and heart’s calling
  • Shine in your professional branding
  • Build confidence through language & wording


  • Open your heart and grow intimacy in your relationships
  • Learn to develop boundaries that allow you to connect joyfully with others
  • Engage in world travel or cultural perspectives
  • Rediscover your connection with nature the world around you
  • Participate in supportive communities & group activities

My Experience with Coaches

I have paired up with many great intuitive coaches who have been monumental in my growth and empowerment. 

Being the one living my life, I can become blind to things that others might see or notice. My mentors have given me the courage to face my life honestly and transform my experiences.

The right coach can connect to the deeper truth of your situation, beyond the immediate experience, and free you into clarity and harmony within your life.

“It’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself.”

 Roald Dahl (from Danny, the Champion of the World)

Monthly Support Packages

I truly love watching my clients transform from the inside out.

It warms my heart to receive their updates and notes of gratitude for the big and small ways I was able to advance them in their journey.

I would be honoured to commit myself to helping you on your path. 


Individualized Tutoring Journeys


Organic Learning & Mindful Stimulation for Families


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