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Collective Events


Crafting, gardening, nature excursions, & card readings are some of my favourite ways to connect with others of all ages.

By simply relaxing and playing, we can be in joy together, free of judgements, and have a productive space to collaborate ideas in an organic way. 

Come and join the community to create a brighter future together!


Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) has made it difficult for me to find a network where I can thrive. My sensitivities have also caused me to rework my lifestyle to use natural materials in my home, and to spend more time in nature.

Although my allergies to fragrance have been a barrier in social circles in the past, I hope to inspire friendship and community with people who are open to living a toxin-free, sustainable lifestyle that is safe for others and the Earth.

People can participate in or host regular gatherings, such as crafting, pot lucks, or gardening, with as much or little commitment as they like.

Within this community, we can also share ideas and learn how to create a healthy environment for ourselves, our families, and our community, with a minimal footprint on the environment.


I have attended a few group meditations and card-pulling sessions, which always helped to bring forth an answer to something that I had been struggling with, or have helped me achieve a calming clarity.


I have also had the chance to go to one of her Collage events, where we pasted down images of whatever we felt like, had some tea, and then intuitively discussed what we felt the images represented to each of us (including insights from the others, of course.)


I highly recommend Katrina’s events if you are looking to expand your knowing and loving self.


As always, thank you Katrina, and I definitely look forward to attending more events with you in the future!

Amanda Park

Regular Event Attendee


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Collective Events