Katrina Krogstad


Language Services (English & Spanish)


Intuitive & Energy Work

I enjoyed working with Katrina very much. She is friendly, authentic, and reliable.

Charli Greig

Wow! Katrina is such a bright light in this world. It was of course a pleasure to work with Katrina again.

She approaches her work with a stellar attitude and a beyond friendly demeanour. What a talented woman.

If you get the chance to work with her, don’t pass it up.

Christopher Eichenauer

Katrina is wonderful to work with! She is kind and sensitive. Highly recommended.

Selena Jones

About Katrina

Education & Background

Raised in small towns in British Columbia and New Brunswick, Katrina has lived in Calgary for 17 years.

Katrina completed her Multidisciplinary major BA at the University of Calgary in 2012. She completed exchanges in China and Quebec, and graduated with minors in both Spanish and Music.

She has gone on recieve certifications in TESOL, Child Care, The Journey Method by Brandon Bays, Reiki Level 1, and Ren Xue Qigong.

Living with Chronic Illness

Katrina was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) in 2013, and later with ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) in mid-2020. She actively seeks to create increased visibility and understanding of chronic disability.

Over the years, Katrina has become increasingly bedridden, homebound, and low income. This has been made much easier with the immense support she has received — emotionally, physically, and financially — from people who have reached out from her incredible network of friends and family (as well as her recently adopted furry friend, Freya).

If you would like to support Katrina by offering a donations, your help is gratefully received.

Careers & Endeavors

In the past, Katrina worked with people of all ages in all settings, from babysitting to a nursing home, from professional offices like a passport agency, to explorative spaces like summer camps at the zoo.

Musically, she was active as a singer and dancer for many years. She practiced and performed live with a plethora world music & jazz ensembles, choirs, and world dance groups on stages and in festivals around the world. 

Despite her current limitations due to health setbacks, she still works online and connects with her clients a few hours a week. Katrina currently provides language support and occasional intuitive work