Aspire. Evolve. Thrive.

Intuitive Life Coach

Welcome to Sparkle Within.

My name is Katrina. “Katrina” means “pure one”, which reflects my authentic & bright personality. I am dedicated to bringing out your “pure” essence – what makes you sparkle. 

For those with a young heart, a courageous spirit & an earnest nature, I’m eager to team up & help you evolve into the most vibrant, expansive version of you. 

I’m excited to watch as you move upwards into your best life.

“It’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself.”

– Roald Dahl (from Danny, the Champion of the World)

Intuitive Coaching Services

Online or In-Person

1 Hour Session


Oracle Card Readings

(15 – 45 min)

$2 / min

Clarity Call

(15 – 45 min)

$2 / min

A Brighter You

You can reflect on and develop any aspect of your life. Here are some areas of expertise:


– Defining or Re-defining your Identity

– Creative Expression (singing, arts, crafting)

– Self Empowerment

– Home Decluttering & Minimalism

– Healthy Living

– Setting Up Self Care Practices


– Building Confidence & Self-Expression Through Language

– Collaborative Brainstorming to Reach Your Heart’s Dreams

– Exploring Possible Career Paths & Gaining Clarity

– Wording & Structuring Advice for Resumes & Other Documents

– Entrepreneur Advising, Brainstorming & Insight

– Generating Professional Branding that Effectively Represents You


– Creating Connection & Intimacy With Yourself & Others

– Identifying Supportive Communities & Group Activities

– Sustainability Idea Sharing

– World Travel & Cultural Perspectives


– Guided Meditations for Inner Reflection

– Oracle Card Message Interpretation

– Setting Intentions for New Beginnings

– Exploring of Sound Frequencies (Singing Bowl, Drum, Ukulele)

– Cultivating Supportive Spiritual Practices (Meditation, Qigong)

– Developing Intuitive Abilities

Monthly Packages

Comprehensive Care For Deep Personal Growth


Katrina is bright, smart, and caring and will help you decipher what is going on in your life. She has some of the strongest intuitive abilities that I have been lucky enough to come in contact with.

I cannot recommend Katrina enough!

Amanda Park

Group Member, Meadows & Mountains Community

I highly recommend Katrina and the services she offers.

We spoke for about an hour about my career change. I can tell you she is truly gifted with insight and was able to inspire me to achieve my career goals.

Bryan James

Social Media Marketing Manager, Freelance

Katrina is an amazing, talented person, ready to contribute to her community.

The work and play she does will impact and make a difference, not just to the direct, immediate people she works with, but also to make shifts for change on a larger scale with the other people her work will touch in the future.

Melinda Butterfield


Katrina was a delight to work with! I cannot wait to work with her again. She approaches her work with a stellar attitude and a beyond friendly demeanor.

I’d recommend anyone give her a call. What a talented woman.

Christopher E.


Other Services


Explorative Language Lessons


Professional & Focused Care for Individual Children or Siblings