Katrina Krogstad


I am playfully creative & passionate about developing new skills & ideas. My innovative approach to my work and dedication to each client makes my services unique and special.

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Katrina is an amazing, talented person, ready to contribute to her community.


The work and play she does will impact and make a difference, not just to the direct, immediate people she works with, but also to make shifts for change on a larger scale with the other people her work will touch in the future.

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About Katrina

Education & Background

Raised in small towns in British Columbia and New Brunswick, Katrina moved to Calgary at age 15 with her family, where she has been based since.

Katrina completed her BA at the University of Calgary (2012). In addition to her Multidisciplinary major, she completed exchanges in China and Quebec, and graduated with minors in both Spanish and Music.

She has gone on to complete further studies, receiving certifications in TESOL, Child Care, The Journey Method by Brandon Bays, as well as completing teachers training workshops with Ren Xue Qigong.

Careers & Play

As you might expect from someone with such a diverse range of offerings, Katrina has explored a lot of unique fields of work. She takes on any opportunity to keep learning & playing, and work is no exception. 

She has worked with people of all ages, from a nursing home to daycares.

She has worked in professional settings, including a passport agency, a bank, and an international conference, but also in fun, explorative sites like summer camps and the zoo!

As a singer and dancer, she has practiced and performed live with a plethora world music & jazz ensembles, choirs, and world dance groups on stages and in festivals around the world. 

She has also completed training and certification in mindfulness, meditation, & healing. Using her education, she has taught Ren Xue qigong & guided clients through healing using the Journey Method by Brandon Bays.

She now brings her diversified experience forward, helping others live playfully.


An avid traveler, Katrina has been to 24 countries. She enjoys discovering more about herself through immersing herself in each beautiful and interesting culture. She has also lived in Quebec, Beijing, Taiwan, and speaks 5 languages.

She now loves teaching the quirks & intricacies of these languages & cultures to her students, and has recently enjoyed doing more spoken interpretation & written translation of these languages.

(Check out her world map on the ‘Languages’ page to see the places she has been!)

Balanced Living

After being diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities in 2013, Katrina has had to learn to naturalize and detoxify her life from the inside out. Her experience with this chronic condition has given way to a return to natural living, and, ultimately, a more balanced life. 

Katrina’s overwhelming responses to the ever-pervasive chemical fragrance introduced a new level of self-awareness to her life. To navigate her physical experiences, she initially had to give up many social activities and receive many alternative therapies, which eventually led to her to cultivate her spirituality and wellbeing on much deeper levels.

This space of healing has brought Katrina more in tune with all levels of herself, as she continually strives to maintain a balance with her mind, body, and soul. Having moved through some deep healing through the last several years, she finds herself more joyful than ever.

Now deeply connected to herself and the true beauty around her, she enjoys mentoring others through their transitions and rebirths.