Aspire. Evolve. Thrive.

Intuitive Life Coach

Aligning you with the person you’re meant to be.

My name, Katrina, means pure one.

I want to create a relationship with you, one where I genuinely listen to what is going on in your world, hold space for us to honestly reflect on your current situation, and keep rooting for you as you move upwards and onwards into your happiest life.

My services are for you if you are ready to go deeper into your soul, connect fully with your joy, & transform from within to live a more harmonious experience.

Monthly Support Packages

My holistic approach is built on my own diverse life experience. With everything I’ve been through, I can provide real-life insight on things that you may be living, and intuitively feel what your soul is craving next for you.

Become A Brighter You

Untitled Vision Board by Katrina Krogstad

Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

 Are you in a comfortable place, but still asking yourself if this is all there is? You might be feeling a bit stuck or limited, or experiencing an emptiness that can no longer be filled with busyness. You might feel impatience, frustration, or anxiety building within you, which is likely trying to communicate something to you.

Even when you’re in a situation that you have enjoyed for years, your gut will tell you when it’s time for change. Perhaps the inner turmoil is even showing up as physical symptoms or illnesses. These discomforts will push you with increasing force until you fully listen and accept the new chapter arising.

You’ve come here to step forward with a young heart, a courageous spirit, and an earnest nature. You are excited to begin new chapters in your life, and passionately committed to the inner and outer work you need to do to move past unsupportive blocks. You are enthusiastic about continually changing, growing, and bettering yourself into the most vibrant, expansive version of you! 

Let’s Dive In!

With my playful approach, we can…

– Visualize the life you want,

– Break your life apart and observe what you want to bring forward,

– Use honest discernment to make effective changes,

– And consciously rebuild a brighter life for the most vibrant, expansive version of you where you can truly thrive!

Sparkle in the whole spectrum of your being:

I’ve traveled and lived abroad in 24 countries, which is thrilling, scary, beautiful, and uncomfortable. I’ve practiced and performed with a plethora world music and jazz ensembles, choirs, and dance groups. I have explored a lot of careers…like a lot.

I have reworked my relationships with my family, friends, clients, and partner to establish boundaries that allow me to thrive.

I have suffered with a lot of health problems and have learned how to create a balanced life to support my wellbeing and live joyfully within my limitations.

I’ve done training and certification in mindfulness, meditation, and healing. I’ve levelled up my own life with some talented mentors & coaches who saw me where I was at and saw what I could be in my career, relationships, spirituality, and personal empowerment.

And now I want to help you:


– Self Empowerment

– Defining or Re-defining Identity (Personal, Cultural, Gender / Sexual)

– Creative Expression (Singing, Arts, Crafting, Cooking)

– Healthy Living

– Setting Up Self Care Practices

– Home Decluttering & Minimalism


– Collaborative Brainstorming to Identify your Calling

– Entrepreneur Advising, Brainstorming & Insight

– Building Confidence & Self-Expression Through Language

– Generating Professional Branding (Resume, LinkedIn, Website, Logo, etc.)


– Establishing Healthy Boundaries & Redefining Relationships

– Identifying Supportive Communities & Group Activities

– World Travel & Cultural Perspectives

– Creating Intimacy with Others & the World Around You

– Reconnecting with Nature


– Developing Intuitive Abilities

– Cultivating Supportive Spiritual Practices

– Oracle Card Message Interpretation

– Getting Clarity In Your Dream State

– Guided Meditations or Journeying

– Setting Intentions for New Beginnings


Katrina is bright, smart, and caring and will help you decipher what is going on in your life. She has some of the strongest intuitive abilities that I have been lucky enough to come in contact with.

I cannot recommend Katrina enough!

Amanda Park

Group Member, Meadows & Mountains Community

I highly recommend Katrina and the services she offers.

We spoke for about an hour about my career change. I can tell you she is truly gifted with insight and was able to inspire me to achieve my career goals.

Bryan James

Social Media Marketing Manager, Freelance

Katrina is an amazing, talented person, ready to contribute to her community.

The work and play she does will impact and make a difference, not just to the direct, immediate people she works with, but also to make shifts for change on a larger scale with the other people her work will touch in the future.

Melinda Butterfield


Katrina was a delight to work with! I cannot wait to work with her again. She approaches her work with a stellar attitude and a beyond friendly demeanor.

I’d recommend anyone give her a call. What a talented woman.

Christopher E.


“It’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself.”

– Roald Dahl (from Danny, the Champion of the World)

Intuitive Coaching Services

Online or In-Person

Life Coaching Session

(1 Hour)


Oracle Card Readings

(30 – 45 min)

$60 – $90

Clarity Call

(15 min)


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