Life Coach | Language Tutor | Childminder | Creative Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Katrina.

My clients value my innovative approach to my work. 

I am playfully creative & passionate about developing new skills & ideas. Yet I also maintain a high level of mastery & expertise in all areas of profession. 

In addition to my main services, I have a diverse range of offerings, from logo design to resume editing, from interior design to qigong classes.

I also take up client requests, especially in areas of work where my unique skillsets intersect. I have done handmade creative projects, consulting on a variety of topics, or even collaborations.

I look forward to working with you!


Brighter Living Coaching & Intuitive Support


Unique Language Lessons for Children or Adults


Professional & Focused Care for Individual Children or Small Groups

Katrina is an amazing, talented person, ready to contribute to her community.


The work and play she does will impact and make a difference, not just to the direct, immediate people she works with, but also to make shifts for change on a larger scale with the other people her work will touch in the future.

Melinda Butterfield


Below is full list of my services. categorized by area of expertise. Click on a tab to expand.

Stays at Katrina’s Home

Home Consulting

  • Interior Design & Home Decor
  • Airbnb Consulting for New or Existing Hosts
  • Gardening Planning & Mapping

Digital or Print Marketing Material

> Upwork Graphic Design Profile

> Portfolio of Past Projects

  • Logo
  •  Poster
  • Brochure
  • Social Media ad
  • Cover photo etc.
  • Business Card Design


  • In-depth review of website or landing page
    • colour scheme
    • organization & layout
    • call to action placement
    • written & visual content
    • overall impression


(all projects use only natural, toxin-free materials)

> “Sparkle Within Goods” Etsy shop 

Custom Macrame

  • plant hangers
  • driftwood wall pieces

Watercolour Greeting Cards

  • Beautiful, Hand-Painted Artwork
  • For Birthdays, Holidays, or Any Occasion

Clothing & Accessories

  • homemade recycled cotton tote bags
  • comfortable wrap skirts
  • meditation pants with drawstring or tie
  • custom projects
  • Custom tailoring or repairing

Other Items for Sale

  • Homemade toxin-free liquid hand soaps & household cleaners
  • Potted household plants


Essay Writing Help

  • tutoring & revising support for high school & university students.

Career Help

  • Resume (CV) & Cover letter writing & optimizing
  • Writing support for other important documents
    • Job proposal letter
    • Resignation letter
    • Business email


  • Blog Entry
  • Feature Article
  • Website Content
  • Editing


English, Spanish, French, & Portuguese

> Translation Upwork Profile 


  • Website
  • Creative Writing (novel , blog, etc.)
  • Speech
  • Official or Legal Document

Live Interpretation

  • Conference Call Live Translation


Group Events > Airbnb Experience

  • Oracle Card Reading & Guided Meditations

Ren Xue Qigong Classes

  • Extensive Training Completed through Workshops & Teacher Training Retreats in Canada & New Zealand


  • Guided Meditations for All Levels

“The Journey” Guided Healing

  • Certification in “The Journey Method Online” by Brandon Bays (2017)
  • This method guides the client to transform their own pain into peace with
    • dream-state journeying
    • awareness of the physical, emotional, & spiritual layers
    • vivid visualizations
    • speaking truth from the heart

Vision Board Workshops

  • Collagework with interpretation of themes & insight

Sparkle Within – Intuitive Life Coaching

  • Life Coaching
  • Oracle Card Reading
  • Clarity Call

Online & In-Person Language Tutoring

> Grasshopper Language Learning

Elementary & Junior High Students

  • Math
  • Science
  • English / Humanities, etc

University Students

  • Exam-Writing Strategies
  • Deadline Management
  • Essay Writing Support
  • Study Help

Individuals with Learning Disabilities

  • Identifying Supportive Learning Strategies
  • Dissolving Anxieties & Cultivation Enjoyment of Learning


Babysitting Services

> Birdsong Child Care 

  • Toxin-Free Homes in Calgary
  • Engaging Activities
  • Nature & Outdoor Play
  • Mindful Exploration

Not sure where to start?

To discuss what you might want to work on with me, let’s get in touch.

Life Experience & Professional Background

I’ve traveled and lived abroad in 24 countries, and learned 4 foreign languages as an adult.

I have explored a lot of careers. I’ve practiced and performed with a plethora world music and jazz ensembles, choirs, and dance groups, pushing myself to be great, continue learning, and engage in my creativity. 

I’ve learned that I am extremely empathic & in tune with subtle energies. I had to learn how to thrive in a more honest way.

I have found many supportive practices & hobbies to support myself in living fully, simply, and peacefully. I have suffered a lot of health problems & low immunity, rooted in a severe fragrance sensitivity (MCS). This has given way to a return to natural living, and a more balanced life. 

I’ve done training and certification in mindfulness, meditation, and healing. I’ve studied under some talented mentors, coaches & authors. They encouraged me to move through some deep healing and inspired me to open myself to the true beauty around me.